IT Consulting

Improve the operating efficiency of your computers and your network by depending on Capital Network Consultants, Inc. (CNCI) for IT consulting. We provide dedicated consulting and support services for small and mid-sized businesses with 10 or more computers. In addition, we use preventative measures and best practices to improve the security and recoverability of your important data. When you trust CNCI for information technology services, we also:

  • Provide Personalized IT Support on an Ongoing Basis
  • Expand Your Use of Technology
  • Maximize Your Existing Technology
  • Keep Your Business IT Network and Computers Running Efficiently
  • Use Advanced Technological Solutions and Tools
  • Address Proactive IT Data Security and Disaster Recovery

Dedicated IT Consultants

Life is too short and you’re too busy to worry about your computers and network. Trust our experienced IT consultants to be a reliable, single point of contact whenever you need us. We don’t simply fix your immediate concerns and go away. Instead we assign a dedicated consultant to work with you and your employees on a continuing basis to plan, implement, and improve your IT infrastructure. Our IT consultants:

  • Work On-Site and in Person at Your Business as Needed
  • Are Proactive, Practical, and Highly Skilled
  • Provide Personalized IT Planning for Your Business
  • Work as a Single Resource or as an Expert Resource to an Existing IT Staff
  • Deliver Long-Term Continuity to an in-House IT Team
  • Stay Informed of Technological Developments
  • Implement Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Focus on Preventing IT Support Issues and Minimizing Downtime

Advanced Information Technology Consulting

Even though we are a locally owned small business, we offer big benefits for business owners. When you choose us for information technology consulting, you receive reliable and advanced IT services. By agreeing to our Network Development Contract, you enjoy all custom information technology consulting from a firm that has developed an excellent reputation in the industry for the past 17 years.

Contact us to effectively reduce problems with your network and PCs. We proudly serve clients in Columbia, SC, as well as all of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.